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Les Mills Work Out for Water – UNICEF Fundraiser

Starts at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 18.

Work Out for Water during a 1-day global workout on Saturday, Nov. 18. Join Innovative Health & Fitness and Les Mills as we bring awareness to the critical fresh water shortage in East Africa.

This event will benefit UNICEF’s Move the World program and our goal is to raise funds to purchase one brand new water pump ($414).

Please help us in our fundraising efforts! Visit and search Team Innovative to donate. Register for classes like normal – on the kiosk at the gym.

FREE Nutrition Seminar – Building Muscle Mass

Eating to gain … muscle.

5:30 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 20 in the Studio D.

Are you hitting the weights and still struggling to put on muscle? Are you reaching plateaus in your training? Learn more about how to maximize your gains by eating correctly.

This short seminar will cover what your body needs to grow and then how to apply those principles to help you get gain the muscle mass you’re after!
(45 minute workshop | Maximum of 10)

Register for this FREE seminar:

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FREE Metabolism Workshop

Two dates to choose from!

6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 5 or 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 7 in the new member area.

Lacking daily energy, struggling to lose that stubborn fat around the midsection or preserve the muscle you’re building? You could be fighting a losing battle against yourself. Time to flip the script and let your body start working for you!

This seminar will show you the simple switches or additions to your daily routine to; boost your metabolism, increase your energy, create a lifestyle, and most importantly create a new you!

(45 minute workshop | Maximum of 10)

Register for this FREE seminar (Be sure to choose Dec. 5 or Dec. 7 from the drop down menu):

FREE Off-Season One-On-One Professional Golf Evaluations

The golf swing is a complicated motion that requires the right combination of strength, balance and flexibility to unlock your true swing potential. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a scratch golfer the golf fitness program may just be the fix you are looking for to improve your game. Find out more about Jodi and all our Fitness Professionals on our website.


FREE Swing Consult Receive a free analysis of your golf swing to identify impairments in range of motion, balance, strength and flexibility that may be limiting your golf swing. Let Jodi help you perfect your positioning before golf season gets back into full swing!

Golf Fitness Training Program Additional Golf Programs to further improve your game are available. Programs led by certified fitness professional and golf instructor Jodi Duffe. ($)

Schedule your FREE evaluation now by registering below!

Parking Lot Repair – Update

potholeWe have received multiple comments about the potholes in the parking lot. We felt it was important to explain what parking lot belongs to us and how we are handling the repairs.

We had all the potholes in our parking lot repaired in June 2016. IHF only owns the first two rows in front of our building and the entrance closest to the building. The rest of the parking lot belongs to Showtime Cinema. We did speak with Showtime Cinema this spring about their lot needing repair work done. They assured us they would be repairing all the potholes in their lot this summer (specifically the two large ones which cause a lot of problems for our members who park further away from the facility).

Unfortunately, the repairs have not be completed or addressed on their end and we have no legal ability to repair property that we do not own. If you have any concerns, we urge you to only use the entrance closest to IHF when entering the lot and/or you contact Showtime Cinema. IHF will continue to repair any damage to our parking lot, on a yearly basis as needed.

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