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Women’s Evening of Pampering

Wednesday, June 20 from 5-8 p.m. in The Lounge at Innovative Health & Fitness

8800 S. 102nd St., Franklin, WI 53132   |  (414) 529-9900

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  • Free mini-makeovers! – THESE ARE FULL.
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CCW Certification Class – FULL

Saturday, June 30 at 1 p.m. in Studio A/B at Innovative Health & Fitness – FULL

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This concealed carry certification course will arm you with the knowledge, training and self-defense assurance you need to protect yourself and your family.*

  • Class will last between 3-4 hours
  • $100/person (cash or check only; payable to “Jacob Thomas” at start of class. Non-refundable.)
  • Background check required.
  • Registration via form below required (DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS 6/15).
  • Space is limited to 12 participants.
  • Instructor will be utilizing rubber guns to demonstrate during the class.

ccw, concealed carry certification, concealed carry class, milwaukee, franklin, army, military, ccw certification, ccw class wisconsin

“I’ve been in the US army since 2011. Since my time joining, I have had numerous amounts of weapons and safety training where I advanced from student to teacher. I’ve been overseas a few times and my most recent tour was in Afghanistan. I’ve lived all over Milwaukee and little bits of Racine county. Some of my personal hobbies include woodworking, motorcycle riding, working out and fishing.” – Jacob Thomas

*To be accepted into the certification class, a background check must be completed first. Instructor Jacob Thomas will be conducting the background check after you fill out the form below.

*To become certified, you cannot miss more than 30 minutes of the class. Your CCW card will be mailed to you folllowing completion of the class.

THIS SESSION IS FULL – Upcoming dates will be announced soon.

*BY FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW, YOU AGREE TO HAVE A BACKGROUND CHECK DONE ON YOU. A background check is required in order to proceed with the CCW Certification.

Please fill out the form (BY 6/15/18) below to start the registration process for the CCW Certification Class on Saturday, June 30 at 1 p.m. in Studio A/B. The instructor (Jacob Thomas) will contact you after your background check has been cleared and you are approved for class participation.

FREE One-On-One Professional Golf Evaluations

The golf swing is a complicated motion that requires the right combination of strength, balance and flexibility to unlock your true swing potential. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a scratch golfer the golf fitness program may just be the fix you are looking for to improve your game. Find out more about Jodi.


FREE Swing Consult Receive a free analysis of your golf swing to identify impairments in range of motion, balance, strength and flexibility that may be limiting your golf swing. Let Jodi help you perfect your positioning getting back into full swing!

Golf Fitness Training Program Additional Golf Programs to further improve your game are available. Programs led by certified fitness professional and golf instructor Jodi Duffe. ($)

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April 28, 2018

FRANKLIN, Wis., (April 28, 2018) –

“After a routine mammogram showed an area of concern, I was diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing a biopsy. I had lumpectomy surgery on February 20. Thankfully, the tumor was smaller than expected, clear margins around the tumor and no cancer in the surrounding lymph nodes. Surgery was followed with two more appointments. However, after the OT measured my range of motion she felt I was already able to move beyond the normal range and gave me a few exercises to continue until my next appointment during the first week of June

I have felt a minimum amount of pain during this entire procedure and have my entire range of motion. I got back into teaching 18 classes a week after just 20 days of medical leave. Shortly after I started teaching again, I began the required 21 treatments of radiation. Currently, I am done with radiation. But, I will have a radiation skin check-up the first week of June, followed by blood work check-ups every four months for the next 3-5 years and check-ups by the surgeon every six months.

zumba, zumbathon, benefit, breast cancer, cancer, find a cure. race for the cure, pink, dance, group fitness, franklin, innovative health & fitnessI have been so humbled and blessed during this journey by the outpouring of love and support from so many members and staff at Innovative Health & Fitness. They have supported me weekly through words of encouragement, prayers, hugs and acts of kindness. Many other instructors helped cover my classes during my three weeks of medical leave. Innovative Health & Fitness continued to show their support to me by offering up the big studio to Zumba instructors to host a Zumbathon in my honor on Saturday, April 28.

I was emotionally touched as well as humbled that Innovative and the Zumba family would want to sponsor this event. The Zumbathon event itself was amazing. It was super high energy, filled with love and support with about 70 participants. Everyone had a great time. Donations raised reached nearly $1500. This definitely will help pay some of the medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Innovative Health & Fitness is my second home where I am have been blessed to teach multiple classes a week since 2007. It is more than a health club to me. It is a community that is like my family. I have definitely witnessed this by the blessings I have received through my challenge with breast cancer.” – Mary Jo

zumba, zumbathon, benefit, breast cancer, cancer, find a cure. race for the cure, pink, dance, group fitness, franklin, innovative health & fitnessInstructors who helped run the Zumbathon:

  • Jen Charles
  • Dana Peck
  • Kat Lalumondier
  • Michelle Pink (former Innovative Health & Fitness instructor)
  • Megan Mittelstaedt (former Innovative Health & Fitness instructor)
  • Lisa Delarosa (former Innovative Health & Fitness instructor)
  • Eric Gunn
  • Art Frey (Innovative Health & Fitness member)
  • Mary Jo Bellinger



January 24, 2018

FRANKLIN, Wis., (Jan. 24, 2018) – Innovative Health & Fitness personal trainer Luke Drumel makes sure the Franklin Firefighters are in their best condition to do one of the most important jobs in the city – fighting fires and saving lives. Weekly, since the program at the Franklin Fire Department began in 2014, Luke and several other personal trainers from Innovative Health & Fitness devote a few hours to train the firefighters – using their own firefighting equipment; body weight and fitness equipment that is easily accessible – including free weights, kettlebells, battle ropes and tires. The workouts are tailored to the specific needs of firefighters and include everything from dragging a large tire to lifting heavy weights above their heads. They use the equipment available to them – even strapping exercise bands to the backs of their trucks to add resistance.

Innovative Health & Fitness personal training team works with the fire fighters to help them stay in the best condition possible, so they can do their job of helping others. Strength training, cardio endurance, flexibility and nutrition are all part of a comprehensive program to prevent injury and perform their job to the highest level.

If your company or organization is interested in onsite personal training or large group fitness classes, contact Brian at (414) 529-9900, ext. 717 or


See more photos from the training in our Photo Gallery.

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