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Innovative’s Fitness App

aplestoregoogleplay-1Innovative fitness app splash pageWith our Mobile App, you can search the Group Fitness Schedule with the touch of your finger!

Available from Google Play or the App Store, the Innovative Health & Fitness mobile app encourages constant interaction while you’re at the club.
It’s super easy to get set up and even easier to use.

Download it today to search the most up-to-date Large Group Fitness schedule; create personal goals; track workouts manually or simply be taking a picture of a cardio machine following your workout; link fitness wearables; monitor personal progress; earn reward points to cash in for a variety of items; follow IHF on social media; or connect with a personal trainer.

Automatically earn points just by doing what you always do in the club (please note: points will begin to accrue once the app is downloaded. We cannot go back and add points that could have been earned prior to downloading the app):*

  • Install the app (5 points)
  • Check into the club (1 point)
  • Track a workout (1 point)
  • Join a challenge (2 points)
  • Connect a wearable device (5 points)
  • Complete a challenge (10 points)
  • Register and take a fitness class (1 point)
  • Complete a training session (15 points)
  • Send a referral through the app (1 point)
  • Achieve a personal goal (5 points)
  • Fill out or update your profile (10 points)
  • Birthday bonus (25 points)
  • Anniversary bonus (membership) (100 points)

Read FAQs Here
How To Create Personal Goals
Linking the App to Wearable Devices
App Rewards Point

* Some earning is limited. Point earning requirements may be adjusted without notice.

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Meet Your Fitness Goals

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