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Personal Training – It Is Right For You

Innovative Health & Fitness Fitness Professionals are all certified and ready to meet you at your unique fitness level to get you to your ultimate goals. They can provide benefits you just can’t get when working out on your own. Here are the top ten reasons a personal trainer is right for you:

1. Motivation

One of the main reasons people benefit from a personal trainer is because they lose motivation to stick with a consistent exercise program. Certified personal trainers provide structure and accountability and help you develop a lifestyle that encourages health.

2. Individualized program

If you have chronic health conditions, injuries or training goals (i.e., running a marathon) a trainer will work with you and your health care provider to plan a safe, efficient program that enables you to reach your goals.

3. Efficiency

Personal Trainers help you focus on results and don’t waste time with inefficient workouts. A personal trainer has a plan and will help you get maximum results in minimum time.

4. Improve technical skills

If you play a particular sport, the right personal trainer will help you improve your skill by showing you new training techniques specific to your sport. The Trainer will incorporate skills training into your program so you improve not only your strength and endurance, but your agility and mental focus as well.

5. You are new to exercise

If you are an absolute beginner, a personal trainer is the ultimate fitness coach. A good trainer will introduce you to a very simple, effective routine, building from there so before you know it, you have the confidence and knowledge to decide what is right for you.

6. Break through plateaus

Ok, you are already in pretty decent shape, but you’ve been there for years. If you are stuck in the same routine and want to break out of a rut, a personal trainer is the perfect solution. A trainer will jump start, not only your motivation, but your routine as well, and you’ll begin to see results again.

7. Learn how to go it alone

If you ultimately want to learn all the facets of designing your own routines so you don’t need to use a personal trainer, going for a few months may be all you need. All good personal trainers will teach you the basics of building and modifying a fitness program to achieve maximum results.

8. Workout Safely

A personal trainer watches your form, monitors your vitals and can provide objective feedback about your limits and strengths. Most of us tend to ignore subtle signals from our body. We either push through pain or give up too soon. Because a personal trainer can watch what you are doing while you are doing it, they can help push you, slow you down as necessary and even correct your form.

9. Nutrition & Supplements

Personal Trainers at Innovative Health & Fitness can make recommendations on what vitamins, supplements or dietary choices to make that will help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

10. Lose Weight

There is a good reason the number one reason people hire personal trainers is to lose weight and get into shape — it works. If you made a resolution to lose fat and build muscle, a trainer can keep you on track and help you realize that goal.

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