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Small Group Personal Training


Our Small Group Personal Training program consists of eight-week specialty sessions that provide members with more flexibility, variety and affordability than regular personal training. Want to try it free to see what all the hype is about? Contact Brian! Small Group Personal Training is an affordable alternative to one-on-one personal training and highly recommended to anyone who is more motivated to workout in a group, but who may feel intimidated by Large Group Fitness.

  • The small group personal training atmosphere offers individualized instruction and correction, one-on-one attention and modified movements, as needed.
  • Sessions renew every eight weeks.
  • While most class options will remain the same, this new format will also allow for flexibility in the schedule – giving Fitness Professionals the ability to change the class format or offer specialized classes – depending on member interest and time of year (i.e., triathlon training, outdoor classes, low back pain, etc).
  • Each class will be 45 minutes in length, with a minimum of 4 and no more than 12 participants.
  • Each eight-week session is $99 for members or $159 for non-members.
  • Holiday weeks will have adjusted length and pricing.
  • It’s like partner training, but more cost effective.

All the important details

Eight-week sessions just $99!

Cost of each eight-week session is just $99 for Innovative Health & Fitness members. There are no contracts, so you can cancel after the eight-week session is completed if you don’t find another class that interests you at that time. Non-members of the club can take part in Small Group Personal Training for $159 for an eight-week session. Holiday week sessions will have adjusted pricing.

Check-In for Class

Check-in for the small group training session you’d like to attend via the kiosk near the front desk no more than two hours prior to session start.


Each 45-minute sessions will be in the small group format – you’ll never be in a session with more than 12 total people. You’ll get individualized advice; one-on-one instruction; personalized modifications and corrections; and you’ll be super motivated!


Small Group Personal Training sessions will not be held on major holidays when our club hours are affected. See club hours here.

Current Schedule


6:00 p.m. Core Strength & Stability with Anthony (This class will take your core to the next level! Working much more than just the six pack, this class will strengthen your entire midsection to bulletproof your body for life. Incorporating new and exciting ways to train the core using a variety of equipment. Come check it out to improve your balance, reduce back pain, and to stabilize yourself for life.)


9:30 a.m. Boot Camp with Avery
6:30 p.m. TRX & More with Heather (TRX and more is 45 minutes of intense, motivating, FUN, whole body training utilizing TRX suspended exercises, resistance bands, weighted balls and more! Participants will move through timed stations with emphasis on research based effective exercises supervised by a licensed physical therapist. This class is for ALL fitness levels with exercises modified for each individual to maximize their results! Come join the fun and together we can take your fitness to the next level!)


6:30 p.m. Total Body Circuit with Luke (This goal of total body circuit to is confuse and challenge your body each week. My program has a wide variety of functional HIIT exercises designed to get you that full body workout in just 45 minutes. Be prepared to sweat and learn!)


9:30 a.m. Overall Fitness HIIT Training with Tiffany


9:30 a.m. Total Body Circuit with Luke


8:00 a.m. Boot Camp with Avery

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Small Group Training Testimonials

“The small classes are perfect for me. I love the additional attention, the personal camaraderie with the other students and the smaller class format.”