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Small Group Training


Innovative Health & Fitness offers Small Group Training that is unlimited and month-to-month (no contracts!) for just $39.95/mo. Each 45-minute class offers individualized instruction and correction; modified movements as needed; no more than 12 participants per class and enough variety to keep you interested. It’s like partner training, but more cost effective.

For more information or to sign up for Small Group Training, contact Brian.
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Month-to-Month payments for Unlimited access!

Cost of the program is just $39.95/month. Get unlimited access to every session offered – we currently offer eight classes each week and you can participate in every single one. There are no contracts, so you can cancel at any time with a written 30-day notice. The more you attend, the more you save – sessions could end up being as low as $1.50 each time you attend!

Check-In for Class

Check-in for the small group training session you’d like to attend via the kiosk near the front desk no more than two hours prior to session start.


Each 45-minute sessions will be in the small group format – you’ll never be in a session with more than 12 total people. You’ll get individualized advice; one-on-one instruction; personalized modifications and corrections; and you’ll be super motivated!

Classes in Red

Classes highlighted in red mean they are being “flagged” for possible cancellation unless attendance increases. If you attend one of these classes regularly, be sure to encourage other participants to attend with you. If classes end up getting cancelled, they will be replaced with a different option that may also be a different day or time.


Small Group Personal Training sessions will not be held on major holidays when our club hours are affected. See club hours here.

Current Small Group Personal Training Offerings:


6:00 p.m. Boot Camp with Avery in the Training Studio


9:30 a.m. Boot Camp with Avery in the Training Studio
6:30 p.m. TRX & More with Heather in the Training Studio


9:30 a.m. TRX & More with Tiffany in the Training Studio
6:30 p.m. Total Body Circuit with Luke in the Training Studio


9:30 a.m. Overall Fitness with Tiffany in the Training Studio


9:30 a.m. Total Body Circuit with Luke in the Training Studio


8:00 a.m. Boot Camp with Avery in the Training Studio


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Small Group Training Testimonials

“Small Group Training is beneficial because you get help trying new workouts TRX, Pound, etc. in a smaller setting. More individualized so it’s not as threatening as large group classes but less expensive than personal training. I would highly recommend it.” – Pat