Fitness Intro

No matter if you’re a novice or veteran when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, our Fitness Intro Program is designed to get you started (or keep you focused) on your path to wellness. Together with one of our certified personal trainers, you’ll get to know the equipment in the club; discuss fitness goals and nutrition; talk about past and current health struggles; and come up with an individualized plan to reach your health and wellness goals.

Our Fitness Intro Program is available for new or current members who have not had the program in the past. Contact Membership at (414) 529-9900 to set up your first session!

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    “It was nice to have an orientation and be familiarized with free weights. At my other gym, I had no idea how to use some of the machines and this helped.”- B.E.

    “Extremely helpful. I loved learning all of my options and trying the equipment. Josh was wonderful to work with.” – S.N.

    “Great idea to provide the Fitness Intro. Really helps get you here and really commit to starting your fitness. Lindsay was great! – M.D.

    “Excellent job in showing me the proper way to use the equipment and giving me the exercises to do at the gym.” – S.A.

    “I’m glad I did have four sessions as two would not have been enough. Wonderful way to get to know the equipment – in fact I think it’s essential that instructions and demonstrations are given (and Calli was great).”

    “Great way to get acquainted with all the equipment and be pushed harder. Thanks!” –K.S.

    “She was very helpful with any questions I had, explained things well. I now have a good start for my journey and know what to do and eat weekly/daily.” –C.M.

    “She is a great trainer. She explains everything very well from what the machine is doing, to what muscles you’re working. She made it very comfortable to workout.” – S.B.

    “Jodi has been extremely thorough in taking me through what I am trying to accomplish for the best way to achieve that goal. Forever grateful for her insight!” – H.S.

    “Great way to learn different exercises and be excited about working out. Tough, buy very worth it! Excellent service that this gym offers.” –H.H.