Pool Degrees

Lap Pool : 80-82

Therapy Pool: 90-92

Hot tub: 102-104


72 Pool lengths or 36 laps = 1 mile

Pool length = 25 yards / 22.86 meters


Pool Chemicals

– Chlorine

– Sodium Bicarbonate

– Hydrochloric Acid

*sometimes Dechlor*





Getting into the Therapy Pool:

  1. Attach the red hose to the nozzle on the chair lift (bottom of the pole, back side of the chair) by snapping in on (you do not need to twist or turn it).
  2. Turn the water on (make sure the black switch on the hose splitter is pushed to the right).
  3. Pull the pin
  4. Assist member to in the chair lift safely and secure them in by buckling the seat belt around the member.
  5. Push the lever on the chair lift forward (towards the right). This will lower the member safely in the water.


Out of the water:

  1. Assist the member into the chair lift and safely secure them by buckling the seat belt.
  2. Push the lever on the chair lift backwards (toward the left). This will raise the member safely back up to the pool deck.
  3. Put the pin back into the slot on the chair lift.
  4. Assist the member out of the chair lift.
  5. Turn off water.
  6. Detach hose by pulling the hose off the nozzle.(you do not need to twist or turn)
  7. Assist the member out of the chair lift.


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