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Innovative On Demand - Innovative Health & Fitness
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Innovative On Demand


Work out on your terms with 24-hour access to some of Innovative Health & Fitness’ best instructors and personal trainers.

Now you can take Innovative Health & Fitness with you when you’re on vacation; if you spend a few winter months in Florida; or when you just can’t get to the gym – for any reason at all.

As a free service to our members, Innovative On Demand offers a variety of quick (15-40 minute) workouts ranging from yoga to high intensity interval training.


    • "I like to workout when I am told what to do. I like having the opportunity to focus on particular/different workouts. I can get a good workout in when I can’t make it into the club or if I don’t feel like going to the club." - Vanessa

      "I recently had a hip replacement and cannot come into the club as much as I would like and I like that I can focus on upper body and core workouts. I like the fact that I can put it on my TV in my house." - Leslie

      "When I travel [Innovative On Demand] provides me workouts to do in my hotel room with body weight or bands. I like the added motivation to get in my workout." - Colleen

      "Keep it up! The timing is great - 20-40 minutes is perfect. With past injuries, I love the modifications! The ability to offline view is great. The workouts are good." - Cassie

    7 day pass