Dylan has always enjoyed fitness. In high school he enjoyed running and is now into resistance training and HIIT training. One of the biggest reasons Dylan enjoys fitness and health is that he feel amazing both physically and mentally. Whenever he’s having a rough day or feels stressed, working out is what he turn towards. When Dylan is not working out or working with clients he likes to play tennis, hangout with friends or play video games.


Discipline is one of the most important parts of fitness and health. So many people lack consistency when it comes to getting in shape and give up after a little while. To see results you have to put the work in and consistently keep doing it even on the days that you don’t feel like it.


  • BS Exercise Science
  • CPR/AED Certified


  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Flexibility/Stretching


  • Innov8 Team Training

Favorite exercise?
Dylan’s favorite exercise is any type of rowing variation.

What is your favorite quote?
“You get out what you put in.”

Fun fact
Dylan is a huge Star Wars fan. He really enjoys traveling and hopes to someday travel outside the United States.