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Jodi Duffe

Jodi Duffe

Jodi has always had a passion for sports. She played volleyball and basketball and ran track in high school; and had the opportunity to golf competitively in college. Her love of sports led to a career teaching physical education and health which has transitioned into a career in personal training. Besides having a passion for fitness, Jodi is also a Women’s Collegiate Basketball official at the Division I, II & III levels. When not at the gym or in a gym, she can be found outdoors enjoying a round of golf, roller-blading, traveling and spending time with family and friends.


With our busy, hectic lifestyles, fitness and nutrition often take a backseat to other priorities. Although getting back into a healthy lifestyle and improving fitness can seem daunting, Jodi is passionate about helping clients take those first steps in making overall health a priority. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or you are just looking to start a fitness program to improve mobility or health, Jodi will work with you to attain your specific fitness goals.


  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • B.S. in Physical Education & Health


  • Golf Fitness
  • Activity/Sports-specific Training


“Jodi did a terrific job substituting for Silver Sneakers today (7/8/2015). Great personality and related well to our group.”

“Jodi was a sub in the Silver Sneakers class and did a most impressive job! Great personality, knowledge of exercises and interacted with class on an exceptional level.” – Betty

“Jodi – Great job for the Silver Sneakers class. Enjoyed the class very much.” – Muki

“Working with Jodi was really effective. I hate working out, but she kept it moving at a good level to challenge me. I don’t know if I’ve lost any fat, but I am more motivated to continue some of these techniques at home. Hopefully to keep a good level of fitness through the winter. I usually sign up for training when I lose my motivation to move, so I will be back. Winter is just around the corner.” – Tamara

“I was very leary of having a personal trainer, based on what I had seen going on at my previous gym. I signed up for 12 visits and couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the experience and the results, so decided to re-sign for more visits. My husband had recent surgery and I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to lift and did so without thinking – two 20 pound bags of cat litter at the same time! Previously, I would have fought to get the one in a shopping cart. I have always been the weakling in the family and the kids aren’t laughing at me anymore. From day one, Jodi has been encouraging and challenging me. I never know what to expect, always interesting, never boring.” – Cheryl

“When I first started, Jodi was extremely helpful and I could tell she cared. She even called me at home to see how I was doing ñ amazing. If I ever decide to have a personal trainer, Jodi would be the only one.” – Lynn

“The last three months at the club have gone by fast! I’ve been averaging six visits per week, about 2 – 2.5 hours per day. I take the time to be thorough in each workout, to put into practice what my wonderful trainer Jodi has been teaching me. I have learned the value of physical activity and proper nutrition. With Jodi’s help, I have been able to see results by gaining strength and notice that my clothes fit a little better. Jodi has helped me realize that the results do not come quickly, but rather slowly and steady, with the proper effort on my part. Even better than the physical improvements, I am noticing for the first time in a long time, I feel better. I am well on my way to my fitness goals thanks to the club.” – Anonymous

“Outstanding program. Trainer, Jodi is superb. She is a great teacher. Great personality. Joined the club because of opportunities and Jodi as a trainer.” – Robert

“Jodi does a great job of strengthening my core. Her training has really helped my golf game. The stronger core has turned into longer tee shots on the golf course. It helps create a more stable base for the golf swing.” – Christine

“My desire to golf began post retirement. Since I am a senior beginner, my golf swing lacked proper form and consistency. Jodi was able to correct my form and help me maintain consistency with stretching, flexibility and strengthening exercises. I have noticed a significant improvement in my golf score and enjoy playing with my partners.” – John

“Jodi has not only helped me with my strength and flexibility, she has also been able to analyze my swing and make suggestions that have improved both my accuracy as well as my distance. She is AWESOME!” – Kathy

“Jodi is a very caring and interested trainer. She keeps my workouts geared to what I am able to do and then pushes for more! I have become stronger, more balanced which has lead me to a better golf game. The result of working with Jodi this summer has brought my handicap down by four strokes! Thanks Jodi!”Janet

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